Dressing Up in an Elvis Presley Costume

Costume parties for adults have become enormously popular, especially around Halloween at the end of October. These days it’s not just the kids that dress up for Halloween, and it’s not just witch and ghost costumes that are worn. One of the enduring favorites for adult costume parties is the Elvis Presley costume.

Everyone can promptly perceive an Elvis Presley outfit. It begins with the 1950s haircut: dim, thick, wide side blazes, smoothly brushed back and long (yet unquestionably not the shaggy and unkept look of the 1970s). You can get shabby plastic wigs that pass on the search all around ok for an ensemble party, however you may need to put somewhat more in a superior quality wig if you plan to wear the outfit on a few events.

Next you require the required sunglasses. No Elvis outfit is finished without the sunglasses. You may need to add some cosmetics to get the tanned look.

As to the garments, you have to pick your time. In his initial days as a stone star Elvis frequently wore a dark cowhide coat and pants. It was a famous style in the 1950s, and was not by any stretch of the imagination particular. The mark Elvis Presley ensemble came later in his profession, particularly in the late 1960s and 1970s when he consistently showed up at Las Vegas. This was the Elvis jumpsuit.

The Elvis jumpsuit look had long sleeves and smooth flared or chime base jeans. It had a wide neckline with a profound “V” neck area.

Normally the bounce suits worn by Elvis were light in shading, even white, to highlight the particular involved weaving, rhinestones, sequins, studs and sparkles that were added to guarantee the stage outfit had a major effect. Frill incorporated a wide belt, with a vast and intricate clasp, and a scarf. Early jumpsuits additionally highlighted a cape, yet this was dropped in later years. Early jumpsuits likewise included tied fabric belts.

The first Elvis jumpsuits were carefully assembled and exceptionally lavish, and arrived in an extensive variety of plans. It would not be pragmatic to attempt to make a definite duplicate, yet the thought can soon be passed on with the expansion of a liberal parcel of sequins and sparkles.

Keep in mind that the aggregate Elvis “bundle” was more than only an ensemble. It was the way Elvis stood and his mark moves, particularly the way he swiveled his hips, that got the fans so energized. You may need to practice.