Las Vegas Party Theme Ideas

8 Pool Theme Party Ideas

If you’re thinking about throwing a pool theme party then you ought to take a peep at the subsequent ideas and tips in order to provide you with inspiration.

1. Make a decision early on if you’re going to have any sub-theme. Perhaps the Little Mermaid, pirates, surfing or it could maybe even be themed round the seaside. Whichever you go for, make you are consistent with your theme and you do not combine it in with any others.

2. You do not have to possess a pool to throw a pool theme party. Do any of your mates own a pool that you could utilize? If not then mull over the local sports centre! Depending on whether the pool is in or out doors, you could tailor your social gathering fittingly.

3. Bear in mind health and safety! Depending on the extent of your gathering, i strongly suggest you think about appointing a life guard! You might approach one at the local sports centre and offer to employ him on a private basis for very cheap.

4. As with all parties, invites are very essential and can get your friends in the mood early on! Go for a cut out of flip flops, sea shells, dolphins, sharks or surf boards.

5. For the more adventurous party hosts, you could cram your invites within real sea shells and give them out to your friends! They’ll be extremely impressed!

6. Some fun games you can play could be tag. Attempting to sprint in water is great exercise and enormously enjoyable! You ought to set up some Basketball hoops and a Volleyball net. Do not forget the big beach balls.

7. The perfect foodstuff to serve up at a pool party would be sea food of course, but a barbecue will go down extremely well!

8. Remember to drink sensibly. Water and alcohol do not mix.