Rich Ideas About Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ is a familiar anthem that you’ve probably heard. However, for the people at, this phrase certainly doesn’t apply because we’re here to tell you what happens in Vegas and how you can plan the best bachelorette party for your bride-to-be friend. Certainly, it’s easier to €fit in’ when you put on your €girls gone wild’ persona, but that’s not a must. In fact, there are lots of fun activities to enjoy as well as myriad dining places to savor some rare delicacies.

Places To Go

The Strip
The ultimate Las Vegas bachelorette party can never be complete without a trip to the famous Strip, a four-mile stretch along Las Vegas Boulevard that has some of the catchiest places you’ll find in Vegas, including fancy restaurants, attractive souvenir shops, and 5-star hotels, among others. Predictably, things around The Strip tend to be slightly pricier than elsewhere in Vegas but that’s not to say that you cannot get free entertainment there, notably people watching.

Mere touring of hotel lounges and lobbies is enough fun to spend a day in Vegas. There are many other attractions at The Strip that you shouldn’t miss on your bachelorette party, especially the spectacular water show at Bellagio.

Pool Parties
Given its location (middle of a desert), Sin city is hot. Needless to say, there’s no better place to be during day than at a pool. If you want a taste of the ocean in the city, the Mandalay Bay beach gives you just that. And if you’re not a guest at the hotel, you can gain access with a day pass.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is currently one of the most happening pools in Las Vegas and its central location is strategic and easy to access.
At the Marque Day Club, you need reservation to access it. In addition, there are cabanas are available at extra charges.

If you want a quieter alternative to the music fueled pool sides, the Mandarin Oriental hotel is your best bet. What’s more, it is only accessible by hotel guests. Accommodation starts at $205 per night. You can get more pampering when you reserve a cabana, thanks to the shaded chaises and confy sofas, among other niceties.

Cocktail on the clock
Previously, big buffets were all the rage in Vegas restaurants and hotels. However, Las Vegas’ culinary scene is at par with the finest international cuisines. A number of big-name chefs have a presence in Las Vegas, including Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, and Wolfgang Puck. There are so many eateries and delicacies to indulge. If you’re not sure about what and where to eat, let help you find what might suit you and your girls.

Spas and shopping

And what’s a Las Vegas bachelorette party without some much needed pampering in the form of a spa. Mandarin Oriental has an amazing spa but you can find many other good places elsewhere. And crown it all with a shopping spree to remember. Every designer that is worth talking about is there, so go and spoil yourself.