5 things to do in the face of a break-up

Building relationships remain one of the biggest emotional investments we make as Human beings. It is quite touching to build a friendship, watch it blossom into romance and see it spiraling down all of a sudden. The good news is we can be full of gratitude that this piece has come out way. It would help to put you in the right stead to face the events of the future. Before we go into the breakdown of what to do in a break-up, it is important to mention that we must remain optimistic about getting the best out of every experience we go through.

It is not a child’s play to be separating from someone you love. Right from the beginning of Man’s existence, love has been a very deep subject for us all. There is little or no manual to guide you in your decision making and what starts with high hopes sometimes hurts us deeply. Tiina is a woman who has had her fair share of the tides of the emotional roller-coaster involved in a break-up. The following points would help to bring healing and a smooth recovery to your soul. Have you ever wondered if there was a way to love-proof your heart from being hurt? It actually does not exist but helpful guides such as those listed below can be of immense help.

1. Find out why you want to end the Relationship: There are many reasons why a relationship must inadvertently come to an end. Are you in an abusive relationship? Is your Partner no longer interested in continuing with the Relationship? Have you had major disagreements that have not being resolved? All these are pointers to the need to know when it is time to discontinue a relationship. It calls for serious introspection and you can get a relationship counselor to help walk you through the process. As long as your emotions are involved, it is important to get the help of a third party who would give you a better perspective of your relationship status.

Having done this major task, you can list out all the things you want in a relationship. Find out if most of your needs are being met. If they are not up to par with your goals, you need to ask critical questions to find out if there are other underlying factors. The reason for going through this phase is to ensure you do not make a knee-jerk decision which might end up backfiring. Ultimately, you can give yourself time to brood over the decisions you reach after this time of introspection. When you are fully convinced beyond all shadow of doubt that the relationship can’t go on then you need to communicate it to your partner.

2. You need some time to heal: Most relationships try to make a quick shift from romantic involvements to friendship engagements but it does not always work. Every relationship takes a lot of time, investment and emotions. No matter how optimistic we are about becoming friends with our ex, it is better to part company for a while and let events take its normal course. We must be quick to express our gratitude for all the good things we might have picked in the cause of the relationship. This singular act of separating from the one we love can affect different aspects of our human endeavor. However, we must let the process sail through in the most amicable manner.

A Relationship expert once started that it takes about 6 months to heal completely after a break-up. This is because you would have drained yourself of all the toxic effects of your last relationship and you would have built up your inner strength. Also, in the course of time, when the emotions have ebbed, it helps you see events in a better light. Never blame yourself or feel guilty that a relationship did not work. It is safer to see it as a phase of development and training which you had to go through to become a better person. If you must be friends with your Ex, make sure you are strong enough to handle the new relationship status.

3. Create a new Social support system: It might be time to get fully involved with your Book Reading club or other activities that keep you engaged. Also, you need the support of your friends to get an emotional cleansing and healing during this phase of your life. Whatever you do, ensure that it does not keep you in a depressed or lonely state. Find out what you love and do it. Also, make sure you spend time with people who you enjoy their company. It all depends on how long it would take you to consider a new relationship; make sure you keep your mind open to new possibilities. Your old buddies would always be there for you as long as you did not burn the bridge while in your last romantic involvement.

4. Cry as often as you want to: It is important to mention that making emotional release through crying can be quite helpful. There is nothing bad in having a good cry and allowing yourself recover from the relationship. One of the benefits of crying is that it gives you a good avenue to show your humanity. You are not a Robot all cast in iron but someone who is able to be touched by the events of life. Research has proven that those who cry are far more able to deal with the negative situations of life. However, I would be quick to point out that this must not be done excessively. In the event where you find yourself in dire straits, please seek for professional help.

5. Enjoy each day as it comes: Take a step by step approach in embracing each day. Enjoy the friendship, express gratitude for Life’s blessings, be optimistic of a better future and understand that separating from your Ex was just an event. It must not define you or how you see yourself. It is interesting to mention that when you take this approach to life, you would in no time find out you are set to build a relationship with someone who values and treasures you. Generally, when relationships fail, it is proper to learn from it and move on to the greater possibilities that lie ahead.