Las Vegas Stag Party

Are you looking for the best ways to plan and spend the ultimate Las Vegas bachelor party? Worry no more. There are very many pranks and practical jokes that would serve to make you enjoy the party as well as derive the full fun of it. Moreover, if you want to hold the most memorable Las Vegas stag party, then you are sorted. This place has the best night clubs to make merry and meet friends in well set up environs. This would absolutely result to an outrageous party with very high degree of awesomeness.

When you are given the task of planning for the event, it might bring some sought of pressure but with some few considerations then it will be a walk in the park. Naturally, a bachelor’s party falls into two major categories. One is where the money is not the issue, the issue is how and when to use the money. The second one is where the bachelors are conservative and are still saving for the marriage life. Regardless to which category you fall, the idea here is to have great fun. There are key things to consider when planning for a mega bachelors party:

1. Food will always come first:

As you well know, most men have a very high affinity for meat. The craving and high appetite for the same comes in handy during the bachelors party because men love food that provides high protein content. Meanwhile, to activate the party mood when eating, people can be given trivia questions and the person who gets correct answers would be awarded a chunk of well roasted meat. This would encourage the happy mood as people laugh off those who will fail the questions hysterically. Again, Las Vegas very excellent steakhouses that could throw you spoilt for choice. They serve burgers and mouth watering killer steaks that would leave your teeth at war. In these steakhouses, pocket friendly and high quality food is prepared and perfectly served in the most decent way. Either way, a buffet is another better option that would work well for cash-heavy stag groups.

2. The drinks will definitely follow:

The best part in a bachelor’s party is the sharing of drinks after having food. Drinks, frankly speaking, are the best companion for those bachelors who are leisure minded and would like to make their party a wonderful event. Making fun is always the best part during the beer drinking spree. If you want to tease your male friends, then your chance is ripened during the drinking moment. Any crazy idea would be executed easily when the friends are a bit tipsy and a little bit drunk. This would also allow for any kind of jokes, pranks and special stories. This is most appropriate time to trick your friends and listen to their secrets and any long kept grudge against you. Again, when the friends are tipsy, they are also easily gullible and you may decide to play the dare game where one person is chosen at random and dared to do a crazy thing in front of people.

3. The men’s stuff:

Men love to showcase their prowess and strength during the happy moments and leisure time. This would be the best time to compete with your friends on who is who when it comes to the physical muscle power. Here, all the jokes are shared as you laugh off those men who are weak and cannot lift heavy weights. It is also the time to play pranks on those strong men by daring them to lift the ladies and showcase their strength. Another thing that men delight in is making known their skills and tactics of driving cars at high speed. This brings the best opportunity to play pranks on the best driver by interfering with his car’s internal system and then blaming and laughing them off when they don’t emerge the winners. The best thing with Las Vegas is that there are many drinking joints that you would feel delighted to attend knock booze as much as you can handle with your crew at the best prices ever.

4. The best clubs to call it a night:

When making the choice for the night club to attend and have fun during your bachelor’s party, you should consider some several things. One of which is the prestige of the party. If you want to have the best Las Vegas stag party, then you should consider the reputation of the night club that you would be planning to attend and enjoy yourselves. The club should have enough space to accommodate your whole crew in the best way possible. The common difference between the clubs in Las Vegas is the dance floor setting but the common denominator is that you will get very superb attention when entering these clubs. Every man loves attention especially when making orders for the drinks. The more the table is filled, the more the attention and respect accorded. The beautiful thing with holding your bachelor’s party in Las Vegas clubs is that if the party comes in between the spring season and the early fall, the day clubs would be opened and offering the services. The jokes and pranks would come in during the drinking. It will be sufficiently funny to make the bachelor who is not able to handle many bottles of liquor with strong stability. You would make joke of him and make him look inferior thereby setting the drunk comrades into hysteric laughter.

5. The ladies part would then follow:

This would come last because initially the party was planned for the men and therefore there was no need to flock in many ladies. Only the diehards and iron ladies would be allowed into the party. There are two purposes for inviting special ladies in the bachelor’s party. One would be to neutralize the environment. It is obvious that heavy infestation of men in the party would somehow be boring. Again, ladies would play very important role during entertainment. The pranks and jokes come in during the dare game. Tipsy ladies are dared to strip and walk before the men. Actually, there is one known bachelor’s party that succeeded in absence of naked ladies It also advisable to visit this site and get more pranking ideas during the bachelor’s party,